The 'Tiny Time Tool' is a stylish everyday carry solution for watch lovers - a portable/wearable watch micro-tool, the Tiny Time Tool allows for bracelet tightening, resizing, or strap changes for the watch enthusiast on the move! Made of solid, brushed 316L stainless steel, each 'Tiny Time Tool' houses two of the following three tools: 1) A flathead screwdriver, for use on watch bracelet screws; 2) A springbar pin, for use with drilled lug holes; 3) A springbar fork, for use with watch lugs without drilled holes. Each tool is protected by a stainless steel end cap, that screws onto the main body when not in use; one cap includes a machined hole for easy attachment to a range of carry options or other accessories. Easily transported as either a functional tool (i.e./ on a keyring), or a stylish accessory (i.e./ on a chain), the 'Tiny Time Tool' adapts easily to your lifestyle, and your personal carry preference, and at just 55mm long, and 12mm wide, you won't be interrupted by its presence. While we love our 'MAS' branding, we understand that sometimes you're looking for something discreet and minimalist, so we opted to keep the 'Tiny Time Tool' unbranded, making it even more versatile (or easily personalised as a gift with engraving etc.). Shipping NOW!

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